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XXR Wheels are highly competent and the other wheels in the market do not even stand a chance when compared to them. These XXR wheels undergo a lot of steps in order to ensure that they are of the best quality. You should go through the grueling processes that these wheels have to undergo to live up to their standards.

XXR Wheels for Sale

 Are you looking for wheels that will sustain you for a long period of time? Wheels made from the alloy of aluminum are the strongest and they last for quite a long period. XXR Wheels came to the market at such a time when they filled up the vacuum that was created by its precursors. XXR Wheels were introduced with the purpose of those who propagated the tradition of cars, especially those who are the enthusiast of grassroots. Their styles and aspects of fitment are almost accurate. Designed by master craftsmen, these wheels reflect class and quality.  These are the following tests that the wheels have to undertake in order to prove their quality:

  • Analysis of the fine elements
  • Test of the Wheel Radial fatigue
  • Test which checks their chemical resistance
  • Test that checks their pain adhesion
  • Test in which the wheels are bent and their strength is noted
  • Test whether the air is leaking or not
  • Pain harness test
  • The test of the cap thermal cycle
  • The test which ensures that the wheels are resistant to corrosion
  • Accelerated weather test
  • Wheel impact test
  • Test of the resistance of flying stone
  • Vibration test
  • Measuring of the coordinates
  • Analysis of the metal spectrum of the wheels

After crossing the hurdles of so many tests, there should be no doubt about the quality of the wheels. They are now ready enough to encounter any hurdle that they will face on the roads. Let us tell you about the features of the wheels so that you can check them to see if they match your criteria or not.

Features of XXR Wheels:

  1. The wheels sport a very deep and concave design and consist of multiple spokes. The wheels are also accompanied by a lug pocket which is very deep. There are 15 spokes and the rims are 550 in number and are of the dimension 15 to 20 inches.
  2. Staggered fitment is the nature of the XXR Wheels.
  3. The brake caliper clearance of the wheels is brilliantly accompanied by the great “X factor”.
  4. The wheels are Chromium black in color.
  5. They are TPMS compatible.
  6. The wheels are certified by JWL or even VIA.
  7. The approximate weight of the wheels is 16.3 grams.
  8. They do not possess lip specs.
  9. The necessary lug nuts of these wheels are of the tuner style.
  10. The Load Rating or LBS of the wheels is 1580.

These features are indeed attractive and we can assure you that XXR Wheels will never disappoint you.