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XXR 527 Wheels



Wheels are believed to be the first equipment which helped mankind in locomotion. They are the building blocks of any kinds of vehicle, whether it is a car or a lorry or even a bus. In case you are wondering which is the right kind of wheels you should invest your money in, let us suggest you XXR 527 Wheels. They are one of the leading wheels in the market right now and have superb features. They are made to sustain on tough roads and have superb capacity in terms of running along rough roads and alleys.

Before purchasing the wheels, please read the important features of the XXR 527 Wheels. They are as follows:

  • The design of the wheels is very deep along with a highly concave curve. Surveys have shown that if you compare XXR 527 Wheels with the rest of the wheels available in the market, they offer undoubtedly the most individualistic widths, as far as the wheels are concerned.
  • They are very light in weight, something which is so rare in other wheels. The design of the wheels has multiple spokes accompanied by the property of X-Factor. These two factors when combined, offer large brake calipers. It is applicable for the car models ranging from EVO to G37 to the STI.
  • The wheels not only display praiseworthy performance, but they look stylish too. XXR 527 is one of the few wheels which come in a huge range of colors like Chromium Black, Gold, Wasabi, F-Black as well as Habanero.
  • The dimensions of the wheels range from 15*8.25 inches to 20*8.5 inches.
  • The wheels are immensely wide in dimension and they are coupled with pairings that are precise offset in nature. The stretch fitment of the tire is huge.
  • Apart from the colors that I mentioned, the Monitoring wheels of the next level are available in offbeat shades like Matte bronze along with Hyper Silver.
  • The wheels will bear the mark of an authentic XXR logo and the center cap is also included with them.
  • The pattern of the bolt of the wheels is 4 to 100 or even 4-114.3 in some cases.
  • The backspacing is the measurement 4.63.
  • The necessary lug units are of the tuner style.
  • The approximate weight of the wheels is 16.1 grams.
  • The center bore of the wheels is 73.1.
  • As most of the wheels of the current age, they are TPMS compatible.
  • The Load rating or even LBS as most people call it is 1580.
  • The wheels are certified by JWL or VIA.
  • The shipping dimensions of the wheels are 16 inches*1y inches *10.25 inches.
  • The lip specs are absent on these wheels.

We would highly recommend these wheels to you, considering the huge number of positive feedbacks we have received about XXR 527 wheels. Do not delay much as their stocks might end. So hurry up and bring home the XXR 527 wheels.