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XXR 530 Wheels



Wheels are the most important component in any vehicle. They lend motion to a static vehicle and are subjected to constant wear and tear every day. Since they come in direct contact with the road, they need to be extremely rough and sturdy as well. Aluminum and its alloys are the best ones could ever get in terms of the composition of the wheels. If you possess a tuner car, you just need to purchase XXR 530 wheels for proper functioning. Though they are designed exclusively for tuner cars with their polished look and glamorous exterior, they actually deliver a performance that stands unmatched.

Perfect fitment is one of the best characteristics of these wheels. If you want to finalize to buy these wheels, you need to know the various features that the wheels are loaded with. They are as listed down subsequently:

  • The wheels are extra wide in dimension and the offset pairing of the wheels are precise. They help in allowing the right kind of stretch fitment for the tire. For streets or even for going on long drives on the highway, you can settle for a maximum tire.
  • The wheels are very light in weight, hence it is very easy for one to drive effortlessly.
  • The design is inspired by the web style and it contains the property of the major X-factor. This is highly essential in order to clear the brake calipers. This can be applied in models of cars like Z-Cars, EVO or even STO.
  • Fitments which are of nature out of the box are assigned for models of cars like Honda and even Acura.
  • The wheels not only display praiseworthy performance, but they look stylish too. XXR 530 is one of the few wheels which come in a huge range of colors like Chromium Black, Gold as well as Matte Black.
  • The approximate weight of the wheels is 15.8 grams
  • The dimensions of the wheels range from 15*8.25 inches to 19 inches.
  • The lip specs are absent on these wheels.
  • The wheels will bear the mark of an authentic XXR logo and the center cap is also included with them.
  • The pattern of the bolt of the wheels is 4 to 100 or even 4-114.3 in some cases.
  • The backspacing is the measurement 5.29.
  • The necessary lug units are of the tuner style.
  • The center bore of the wheels is 73.1.
  • As most of the wheels of the current age, they are TPMS compatible.
  • The Load rating or even LBS as most people call it is 1580.
  • The wheels are certified by JWL or VIA.

These wheels have delivered great performance year after year and have only gotten better with time. XXR 530 is one of the rare varieties of wheels which looks incredibly stylish and promises a dynamic performance at the same time. Go ahead and purchase them without further delay!